Policies and Fees

Policies and Procedures:

The policies and procedures of the TXLOA are set forth in the following document.
The TXLOA COVID-19 prevention guidelines are set forth in the following document.

Charitable Events:

The following policy was adopted by the TXLOA Board of Directors on how to handle requests for officials to provide their officiating services for tournaments or charitable fundraising events:
  • Tournament hosts should pay, and should expect to pay, standard tournament rates for officials’ game fees and for the assigner’s fees.
  • For events supporting bona fide charitable causes, TXLOA will work with the host to facilitate individual officials in giving back all or part of their games fees to the charity, with appropriate recognition for their donations.  Such donations will be individual decisions for participating officials and are not directed by TXLOA.
    1. Instructions - for the organizer or host of the tournament/charitable event
    2. Donation letter - to be signed by the organizer and given to the lacrosse officials who choose to donate all or some of their game fees back to the event
    3. IRS Form W-9 - to be filled in by the lacrosse official to document the income earned from the event
  • TXLOA retains the authority to agree to reduced games fees or assigning fees in special cases, but such an agreement should be exceptional and with the authorization of the TXLOA Board of Directors.
  • TXLOA will continue to interact with other Lacrosse Officials Associations (LOAs) around the country to share information and best practices.

Costs for TXLOA officials:

The following rates are current as of September 28, 2019.


The rate structure for charitable events is the same as it is for tournaments or regulation-length games.  No special accommodations or fee structures apply to charitable events.  However, if officials wish to donate back some or all of their game fees, they may do so.  However, the TXLOA does not get involved in this personal decision by each official.


Rates for officials when the games start every hour on the hour

  • $55 per official per game
    • Usually have two paid officials per game = $55 x 2 officials = $110 total per tournament game
    • For games on the small field (i.e., 7v7 teams playing games on one 60 yard x 35 yard restraining box) = $55 x 1 official = $55 total per tournament game
    • GHYLA is not using officials for 1st-2nd grade regular-season games but will likely use one official per 8U game in tournaments, depending on the circumstances = $55 x 1 official = $55 total per tournament game
For other tournament arrangements, please contact the assigner at assigner@txloa.net


[NEW FOR 2021]

Rates for officials who officiate regulation-length games

Texas High School Lacrosse League (THSLL) - for 9-12th grade games
    • Varsity Class A, B, C, or D games (four 12-minute stop-time quarters) = 3 officials @ $90/game = $270 total per game, plus any travel fees (Note 1)
      • Note: Class D programs can opt to use only two officials per game, but they must request this to the TXLOA assigner before the beginning of the season.
    • Junior Varsity Class A, B, C, or D games (four 10-minute stop-time quarters) = 2 officials @ $75 per official per game = $150 total per game, plus any travel fees (Note 1)
    Note 1: The THSLL has approved an extra travel fee for any official who travels 35 or more one-way miles to a game, as follows:
    1. Travel distance is calculated from the official's home address to the field address using the shortest distance via Google maps.  Mileage is not calculated using the distance from wherever you happen to be coming (e.g., from work).
    2. One-way mileage is the only metric that matters for the $15 flat fee.  Round-trip mileage does not matter, except for the IRS rate, which is applicable to all miles for sites that are 70+ one-way miles from the official's home address.
    3. Travel distance (one-way) is less than 35 miles = $0 travel fee.
    4. Travel distance (one-way) is 35-69 miles = $15 travel fee per official who qualifies (applies only once regardless of how many games are officiated at that site for that trip).
    5. Travel distance (one-way) is 70+ miles = IRS rate for all round-trip mileage.
    6. Toll road fees are not reimbursable.
    7. For trips out of town (i.e., greater than 200 miles), please contact the assigner at assigner@txloa.net.


    Rates for officials who officiate regulation-length games

    Greater Houston Youth Lacrosse Association (GHYLA) - for 8th grade and below games
    • 14U (8th/7th grade) games (10v10 on full field) - four 10-minute stop-time quarters = 2 officials @ $75/game = $150 total per game.  No travel fees.
    • 12U (5th/6th grade) games (10v10 on full field) - four 10-minute stop-time quarters = 2 officials @ $75/game = $150 total per game.  No travel fees.
      • OR (depending on what the league decides)
    • 12U (5th/6th grade) games (7v7 on small field) - four 10-minute running-time quarters = 1 official @ $75/game = $75 total per game.  No travel fees.
    • 10U (3rd/4th grade) games (7v7 on small field) - four 10-minute running-time quarters = 1 official @ $75/game = $75 total per game.  No travel fees.
    • 8U (1st/2nd grade) games (7v7 on small field) - two 12-minute running time halves = 0 officials @ $65/game = $0 total per game.  No travel fees.


    Rates for officials who officiate regulation-length games

    Spring Branch/Memorial Sports Association (SBMSA) - for 6th grade and below games
    • 12U (5th/6th grade) games (normal length) - four 15-minute running-time quarters = 1 official @ $75/game = $75 total per game.  No travel fees.
    • 10U (3rd/4th grade) games (normal length) - four 15-minute running-time quarters = 1 official @ $75/game = $75 total per game.  No travel fees.
    • 8U (1st/2nd grade) games (normal length) - four 15-minute running-time quarters = 1 official @ $75/game = $75 total per game.  No travel fees.
    recommend that you download the *.doc voucher form, save it to your computer, and then edit the form in MS Word before printing.)

      Selection of officials for playoff or all-star game assignments:

      For all playoff games or all-star games, the following is a list of criteria used to determine which officials receive primary consideration for these assignments.  Note: Officials must not circumvent the process by directly contacting the assigning authorities or coaches.

        Pre-season preparation:

      • Renewed US Lacrosse membership on-time and informed the TXLOA secretary in a timely manner.
      • Paid TXLOA annual dues on time.  Dues are nonrefundable.
      • Took the required rule tests promptly and passed them.
      • Attended all required training.

        Taking care of business:

      • Updated one's profile in Arbiter - head-shot picture, current address, email/text message alerts.
      • Blocked out all “blackout dates" in the Arbiter calendar as soon as possible.
      • Accepted game assignments:
        • Promptly (i.e., did not have to be chased down to confirm assignments),
        • Without complaint, and
        • With no or minimal rejections in Arbiter.
      • Responded to emails promptly and professionally.
      • Confirmed games assignments 24 hours in advance by contacting the home team (if the Crew Chief) or by contacting the Referee (if not the Chief Chief).
      • Arrived at game sites in a timely manner.
      • Arrived with a clean, proper uniform and with all required officiating equipment.
      • Conducted oneself professionally before, during, and after the games.
      • Submitted post-game reports promptly (<24 hours) and accurately:
        • The assigned Referee is responsible for submitting the game report.
        • All games listed in the TXLOA scheduling system require a game report.
        • The TXLOA Chief Referee reviews and approves all game reports.
        • The game report is our TXLOA legal record that the officiating services were provided, as required by the contracts with our leagues.
      • Developed good working relationships with:
        • Other TXLOA officials,
        • Head coaches and assistant coaches,
        • Team/school administrators, and
        • Scorer's table staff.
      • No inappropriate or disparaging comments posted on social media, especially those that create an impression of bias.
        • Keep your social media interactions conversational and informal, yet professional and tasteful.
          • Be nice.
          • Show respect for the opinions of others.
          • Dishonorable content, such as racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, or physical disability slurs, will not be tolerated.
          • Be careful discussing topics where emotions run high (e.g., politics or religion).
          • Do not air "dirty laundry."  Workplace-related conflicts must stay offline.
          • As a sports official, you represent many institutions (e.g., TXLOA, GHYLA, THSLL, NFHS, NCAA, NILOA, NOCSAE, and US Lacrosse).  Defend and protect the image and reputation of your affiliated institutions.  Honor the game.  Adhere to the NCAA credo: "Respect - It's the Name of the Game."
          • If you are about to post something that you would be ashamed to say out loud or which could haunt you in the future, then you should think twice about posting it.  Silence cannot be misquoted.
          • Never directly/indirectly criticize lacrosse players, coaches, teams, officials, fans, trainers/table staff/game personnel, administrators, leagues, sponsors, tournament organizers, vendors, equipment manufacturers, governing bodies, or rule-making committees.  Assume the entity being criticized will eventually read your post.
        • Be aware that what you post becomes permanent.
      • Adhered to the US Lacrosse and TXLOA codes of conduct and ethics:
        1. US Lacrosse Code of Conduct <LINK>
        2. US Lacrosse Code of Ethics <LINK>
        3. TXLOA Code of Ethics <LINK>
      • Had no TXLOA ethical or professional conduct violations.

        Excellence and Game Performance

      • Regularly officiated games for that playing level throughout the season.
      • Received acceptable feedback scores from coaches via Arbiter or via email.
      • Performed well during games observed by the TXLOA clinicians and observers.
      • Deemed as worthy of playoff assignments based on discussions with clinicians and experienced, senior TXLOA officials.

      Duties of the Chief Bench Official (CBO):

      THSLL utilizes a fourth game official, called the Chief Bench Official (CBO), during its statewide Super-Regional playoffs and Championship Weekend games.  The role of Chief Bench Official (CBO) is not defined in the NCAA rulebook.  Therefore, the TXLOA has created its own description of the CBO role and duties based upon inputs from other rulebooks that define the duties of a CBO.
      • Duties of the Chief Bench Official (CBO), if used:

      Certification Levels and LAREDO Training:

      The US Lacrosse policy is that "attendance at a training clinic does not guarantee certification at a higher level."  The LAREDO application form lists this verbiage as a specific item that must be acknowledged by each official who applies for a LAREDO training clinic (see the picture below).  Certification level changes are considered by the Training Committee based on inputs from a variety of sources.  If you complete a LAREDO successfully, your evaluation does not guarantee that you have achieved the higher level of certification, even though the evaluation form you receive from the LAREDO might indicate otherwise.