Key officers and leaders for the 2021-2022 lacrosse season

Board members

Other key leadership positions

Other significant roles held by members

    • Non-voting member of the US Lacrosse Men's Game Committee and volunteer rules editor of the USA Lacrosse Boys' Youth Rulebook – Tim Bohdan

  • USA Lacrosse-certified Trainers (to train and certify lacrosse officials) – Chris Menzel, Tom Jank, Tim Bohdan, James Fancher

  • USA Lacrosse-certified Observers (to conduct formal evaluations of lacrosse officials) – Chris Menzel, Tim Bohdan, James Fancher, Tom Jank, Kevin Quinn

  • High School league assigner – Mike Alsobrooks -

  • Youth league assigner – Mike Alsobrooks -

  • Webmaster (acting) – Tim Bohdan –

  • Members of the TXLOA Ethics Committee - George Webb (chair), Michael Young, Anthony Zuccarini -

  • Members of the TXLOA Social Committee - Marty O'Connor (chair), Kevin "Tubbs" Quinn, André Robinson -

  • Members of the TXLOA Budget Committee - Mike Alsobrooks (chair), Chris Menzel, Caleb Bonds -

  • Members of the TXLOA Rules Committee - not formed since not needed. Please contact the Chief Referee if you have questions about the lacrosse playing rules.

Contact Lists

  • THSLL contacts - a listing of names, roles, phone numbers, and email addresses of coaches, assistant coaches, and administrators by team.

  • GHYLA contacts - a listing of names, roles, phone numbers, and email addresses of key contacts for youth lacrosse games.

  • A convenient link for the email address - a group email list that automatically forwards to all members of the TXLOA Ethics Committee.

  • A list of stadiums is located at the Texas Bob website, which lists the address, capacity, and field surface for most of the major stadiums in Texas.

Organization and Governance

The graphic below shows the overall governance of TXLOA.